What is $KNTH?

$KNTH (KENNETH) is a 'personal token'. With $KNTH, you can purchase and own a share centered on me, Kenneth Schlenker, entrepreneur, founder of Opal and angel investor (My Story). I'm interested in helping people find balance and health.

$KNTH (KENNETH) on Etherscan:


Use of $KNTH

I will use $KNTH to power a healthier world ⚕️.

Specifically rewarding positive Health habits and routines with tokens, to help people change for the better.

Experiment 1: ⚕️Screen Health <> Crypto

My current main area of interest in Health is screen time - helping people adopt healthy screen habits (through my work with Opal). We will experiment in the short term rewarding positive screen health behavior with $KNTH tokens, through challenges and competitions.

I plan to distribute 100,000 $KNTH, or 1% of the total supply, in Phase 1.

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