I grew up in a small village in the French Alps, surrounded by nature, perspective, and calm. I fell into technology early, coded websites, started a web radio, joined Google at 20, and built several tech companies.

Throughout this time, I've been searching for balance between a need to connect - to learn, share, grow, create in new ways - and a need to disconnect - to walk in nature, read, play guitar, laugh with friends or be present with family.

In 2020, I founded Opal to help others like myself achieve balance (its helps that I'm a Libra ⚖️).

Opal is the #1 Screen Time app. Join 200k+ people who use Opal to protect their time and focus. With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams, just like Opal’s members.

We're a growing team and our mission matters, so please consider joining us.

Prior to Opal, I learned and grew in a number of ways as a product manager, founder and human:

I (still) love to follow and support emerging visual artists because I think they are one of the greatest sources of inspiration today. I was named in the Art+Auction Magazine's Power 100 List in recognition of my contribution to innovation in the global art market through ArtList.

I received my master’s degree in finance and strategy and a BA in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris. I spent the rest of my life learning to think like an engineer.

My wife Alexi Jenis-Schlenker, our son Micah currently share our time between Paris and NYC, with frequent visits to the Alps and LA.

Below are a few more specifics and illustrations from my experience.

If you're looking for a more professional bio check out Kenneth Schlenker - bio and headshots.

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